Introducing a Colombian Coffee Power Duo

Picture this: two coffee trailblazers, Forest Coffee and Inmaculada Coffee Farms, have teamed up in the heart of Colombia to brew something extraordinary. It's not just about coffee; it's about rewriting the script for specialty brews. This partnership goes beyond business - it's a shared dream of elevating Colombia's coffee community and turning their beans into global gems.

What's so cool about this union? Well, it's a match made in coffee heaven, bringing together pioneers who appreciate transparency, direct connections, and, of course, a damn good cup of joe. They're not just in it for the beans; they're in it for lasting relationships and a positive impact across the coffee journey. From the Colombian coffee farms to your morning mug, this partnership isn't just business; it's a mission to sprinkle some coffee magic across every link in the chain.

Inmaculada coffee farms story

Inmaculada Coffee Farms' story begins with the Holguín-Ramos family, renowned for their extensive involvement in the sugarcane and oil palm industry.

In 2010, they embarked on a special coffee project, "Inmaculada Coffee Farms," with a mission to give back to the Pichindé community after nearly a century of affection and care. Nestled in the Andes Mountains in Pichindé, Cali, their plantations thrive at elevations ranging from 1650 to 2000 meters, harmoniously coexisting with the breathtaking beauty of the Farallones de Cali Natural Park. These plantations feature unique coffee varieties and employ biodynamic agriculture, eschewing synthetic fertilizers and agrochemicals to uphold their commitment to the environment.

Today, Inmaculada Coffee Farms is celebrated globally for its exceptional coffee, known for its elegant, smooth, and exotic flavor notes, making it a top choice for baristas worldwide. The brand has achieved international recognition, including a prestigious win at the World Barista Championship by Sasa Sestic in 2015, held in Seattle, Washington.

Pichindé, nestled within the Andes' western range and adjacent to the Farallones de Cali National Natural Park, is a pristine territory teeming with unique wildlife and flora. This natural haven offers the ideal conditions for coffee cultivation in harmony with the environment. The commitment to preserving the rich ecosystem includes protecting the coffee plants with a lush canopy of trees like guavas, lemons, tephrosias, giant carboneros, guamos, and citronella. This approach ensures the highest quality coffee and showcases a distinct Colombian product.


In 2022, Inmaculada Coffee Farms initiated the Fellow's Farms Program as a groundbreaking corporate responsibility endeavor to uplift traditional coffee farmers confronting market fluctuations and climate challenges. Their mission involved refining production methods, enhancing harvesting practices, and ultimately boosting farmers' income, all while adhering to international quality standards. The program began by procuring small batches of coffee cherries from Cauca region farmers, highlighting high-quality cherries with bonuses, and celebrating excellence.

Expanding their vision in 2023, the program extended to collaborate with farmers in the Huila region, sourcing unique coffee varieties from a new family and neighboring farms. The focus remained on improving farming methods and living standards for communities while presenting the global market with a diverse array of distinct coffee varieties and innovative processing techniques across more than 30 hectares. Forest Coffee recognized the urgency to join this transformative project, contributing to the unification of a supportive community dedicated to change and innovation in the world of coffee. Together, they sow the seeds of progress.

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