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Natural Anaerobic
Raspberry, passionfruit, custard, and toffee notes.
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24 KG

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Heriloom Primitivo



Raspberry, passionfruit, custard, and toffee notes.

Natural Anaerobic

This Heirloom, was processed at the wet milling facility at of El Vergel, which is one of the first collaboration-processed coffees. It was made through an anaerobic fermentation of 96 hours with a cooling water system running through the outside of the tank to prolong the fermentation hours. Followed by a semi-mechanical drying process, which consisted on having it dry in silos and raised beds for 18 days, and then stabilised for 45 days in grain pro bags.


Elias & Shady Bayter

El Diluvio

At farm El Diluvio, located in the slopes going to the Nevado del Ruiz, in the town Herveo, where the mountains are almost touching the clouds, you’ll find one of the most intriguing and exciting coffee farmers Elias and Shady ever met, with over 9 different varieties in micro-lots ranging from 1.000 plants up to 3.000 the most. Don Ronald, the person in charge of El Diluvio, has been in coffee for his entire life and as he says: he has been always intrigued in the ‘why’ behind the flavour differences of each coffee. That is how he began to involve different varieties to his farm, to find different flavours through only his washed process.