MELLOW GESHA - Forest Coffee
MELLOW GESHA - Forest Coffee

Competition Series


Mellow Natural
Cherry, berries, mandarine amd jazmin notes.
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Size: 12 KG

12 KG
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Cherry, berries, mandarine amd jazmin notes.

This nano batch of just 245 kg of coffee cherries, was processed by a Natural fermentation of 36 hours, followed by a submerged fermentation of 48 hours which based on Oscar`s experience, helps to bring a cleaner profile of his Gesha.

After the fermentation, the coffee is taken for a very meticulous drying phase at raised beds, where Oscar has developed a highly constant moving drying system, where he moves the coffee around in the beds almost 8 to 10 times a day, depending on the moisture level and temperature of the day, which has brought amazing results with this type of nano lots, after drying is finished (22 straight days), the coffee is taken in Grain Pro bags to stabilize for 30 days before being milled.


Oscar Restrepo

Finca La Divisa

In the farm el, they have been producing coffees since 1940, which has made the soils very used to this type of crops. For Oscar, and his family, they began in coffee 12 years ago, when Oscar`s mom decided to buy the farm and start her journey in the coffee world, and Oscar was instantly in love with it. 7 years ago, lead by Oscar, they decided to plant different varieties like Gesha, Borbons and othe non-traditional coffees, and decided to focus on small batch quantities to enhance and achieved the best cup they could. After all this years, Oscar and his family have become very known in the town Apia, which has led not only their coffees to be highly recognized, but also to help position and promote the specialty coffee production with their neighboors and families.