SIDRA OASIS - Forest Coffee
SIDRA OASIS - Forest Coffee

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Red Honey
Coriander seed, mandarine, white tea and butter notes.
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12 KG
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Borbon Sidra



Coriander seed, mandarine, white tea and butter notes.

Red Honey

This Sidra Borbon, cultivated at 1936 meters above sea level, begins with a harvest by a group of collaborators of which 60% are highly trained women who collect grain by grain, a process that prevents damaging the plant and in turn collect only the grains that reach their exact point of maturation. It then undergoes a fermentation period of 48 to 52 hours and is dried in 70% shade and 30% in suspended African beds.


Doralba Pantoja de Sarasti

El Caracoli

This particular coffee is produced in the region of Matituy (La Florida), a municipality near the capital of Nariño located at 1,930 meters above sea level, this has allowed the producer to differentiate itself in the specialty coffee market by producing the well known "Café de Altura", exalting its unique properties of high acidity and sweetness.