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At farm El Diluvio, located on the slopes going to the Nevado del Ruiz, in the town Herveo, where the mountains are almost touching the clouds (Sometimes it does), is one of the most intriguing and exciting coffee farmers we`ve ever meet, with over 9 different varieties in microlots ranging from 1.000 plants up to 3.000 the most, Don Ronald, the person in charge of El Diluvio, has been in coffee for his entire life, and as he says, he has been always intrigue in the why behind the flavor differences of each coffee, and that is how he began to involve different varieties to his farm, just to found different flavors through his washed process! This year (2021) we meet Ronald, and had such a great connection, that we decided to make a process at teh facilities of El Vergel estate and make the first ever naturals with his coffees, and what a blast, not only we obtain some amazing and unique coffees, but also we had more than one enter into our competition series, which is the reflect of a hard and long work in the farm El Diluvio next to a grat processing at El Vergel Estate!