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QUEEN GESHA - Forest Coffee

Estate Series


Subrmerged CM

$35.00 USD/lb - $81.13 USD/kg

From $1,106.00 USD
Elegant, floral, and sweet, with some unique fine liquor flavors combined with a complex sweetness and a memorable aftertaste.
GESHA SPIRITS - Forest Coffee

Partner Series


Semi-Washed Anaerobic

USD/lb - USD/kg

From $841.28 USD
GESHA SPIRITS is a unique coffee blend crafted from select beans to provide an exquisite flavor profile. Enjoy aromas of florals and light citric notes, as well as a medium...
KOJI JAVA - Forest Coffee

Competition Series


Koji supernatural

$25.00 USD/lb - $59.08 USD/kg

From $709.00 USD
Unbelievable mix of tropical aromas, with a super juicy profile towards pineapple, a phosphoric acidity, and a lingering body, with a refreshing aftertaste.     Processed with Koji Supernatural Process
KOJI GESHA - Forest Coffee

Innovarion Series


Koji supernatural

$ 30.00 USD/lb - $70.11 USD/kg

From $841.00 USD
A mix of fruity and soft florals, with delicate flavors that reminds us of blue and purple fruits, with a touch of tropical notes, light body, and complex aftertaste. Processed with...
MELLOW GESHA - Forest Coffee


Mellow Natural

USD/lb - USD/kg

From $841.00 USD
Say hello to this lively cup bursting with cherry 🍒, berry 🍓, tangy mandarin 🍊, and a hint of jasmine 🌸 to keep things interesting! It's like a flavor party...
GESHA CLOUDS - Forest Coffee


Natural Anaerobic

$44.00 USD/lb - $100.97 USD/kg

From $1,212.00 USD
Meet our Tolima coffee – it's basically a fruit orchestra in your cup! 🍊🌹🥝 Get ready for a symphony of mandarin, rose, kiwi, raspberry, and a hint of lemongrass. It's...
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