Infused with fruits
1.400 - 1.600 MT
Brayan Alvear
This pack contains 5 samples of 150 g each of selected green coffee.

Flavors: juicy peach, juicy lulo, juicy strawberry, juicy grape, and juicy passion fruit.
San Adolfo
Juicy Peach: Intense peachy notes, with a creamy body towards white chocolate. Juicy Lulo: Intense lulo notes, with a super juicy profile. Juicy Strawberry: Intense strawberry notes, with a creamy body towards white chocolate. Juicy Grape: Intense grape notes, with a creamy body towards bakers chocolate. Juicy Passion Fruit: Intense passion fruit notes, with a super juicy profile towards pineapple.
Hi my name is brayan, I was born here in Acevedo, a municipality in Huila, Colombia, specifically in San Odolfo, a rural coffee-growing area and one of the areas that produces the most coffee. Here it is a custom to be taught all the virtues and knowledge that the land gives us, giving us the tools to be able to work in the future, since I was 13 years old my father after school took me to know everything about coffee, which years later made me understand that it was what I am passionate about and wanted to do when I grew up. This year I managed to create a project with more than 60 coffee growers including my family, who collect and sell their coffee at a better price in cherry, being a strong work because we do the collection in places that people would not even imagine the challenge that it takes , but later I will show you some of that. To finish after that together with forest and the Ancla milling station, we process them, giving an added value and achieving unique profiles that I want you to try soon, since one of my dreams is that the coffee of San Adolfo Huila reaches the whole world.
This coffees are processed with a pre fermentation of 24 hours in plastic bag, followed by 24 hours in cherry aerobically to be then depulped and ferment with fruits that have been dehydrated and grounded to have a higher concentration of flavors during 5 days anaerobically, and dried for 10 days mechanically with a stall of 5 days to promote a higher retention of flavors