In this blog, I will tell you our top 5 special coffees we developed in 2021, seeking to have exclusivity from competition coffees to unique coffees with easy access.

Guava Banana:

Red and yellow Caturra variety - altitude 1350 masl
It is part of the flagship coffees of the El Vergel farm, this micro-lot is surrounded by guava trees, making its profile one of the most intense and exquisite coffees developed by the farm. With coffee sticks planted in 2012, it contains more than 40,000 plants, standing out for being the best of the lots, which allows experimentation for the development of larger lots. The coffee undergoes a unique two-step anaerobic fermentation process that allows for the development of a cleaner, more intense profile.

Java El Eden:

Java variety - altitude 1500 masl
This special coffee is a peculiar variety in Colombia grown in the "El Vergel" micro-lot near the Nevado del Ruiz in the department of Caldas, it has an approximate number of 9,200 plants which offer one of the most exotic coffees of the farm and look for one of the best profiles. To achieve the profile and specific traits of this coffee, it is carried out through an anaerobic fermentation process that includes water injection for greater temperature stability, then the coffee is dried under the sun for a prolonged period of 4 steps,, which influences the improvement of the profile. The process helps to obtain that unique profile of explosive yellow fruit and complex body.

Black Condor:

Caturra variety - altitude 1950 masl
This coffee is produced by more than 40 coffee farmers in the region fo Tolima, and is dried by Emanuel and Valentina in a drying center exposed only to the sun, to have a more homogeneous lot, and be able to have the consistency we have had over the past 4 years. The height where this coffees are produced, ranges from 1,800 to 1,950 m, which allows a great value to be given to the coffee grown in the Gaitania area, seeking different processes that allow improving the quality of its product. This work is focused on making the coffee process an incredible experience and being able to positively impact the communities for a longterm.

Golden Drops:

Yellow bourbon variety - altitude 1750 masl
This spiced coffee from the village of San Isidro is processed and treated by Jhoan in the department of Huila, where they develop and improved a very particular coffee profile, based on the pre-fermentation process that takes 36 hours followed then by 48 hours of pulping the cherries, and finished later sun dried and rised beds. The coffee is characterized by an intense fragrance, medium body, and quite strong and sharp notes of cardamom and honey.

Gesha Clouds:

Gesha variety - altitude 1800 masl
This variety of specialty coffee is developed by Milton Monrroy at the San Cayetano farm, which stands out as one of the most famous farms in the region for the impeccable practices they carry out in the cultivation and processing of coffee. The farm has more than 25% of the Gesha variety planted and they dominate the process of this coffee, so much so that they demonstrate it by being COE finalists for several consecutive years in Colombia.

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