Bourbon Or Borbon? All the variations that this coffee has.

¿Bourbon Or Borbon? Did you know all the variations that this coffee has? - Forest Coffee
The Bourbon variety is a medium-yielding plant with green leaves at the ends, which has the potential to produce good-quality coffee at high altitudes. It is a natural mutation of the Arabica plant, which has gone wild in Ethiopia for many centuries. In the 19th century, French missionaries began to introduce Bourbon to Africa and America.
There are 3 types of Bourbon that grow mainly in America, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Yellow Bourbon. The Yellow Bourbon, which is born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a significant amount of fructose, which results in a sweet and juicy cup. Red and pink Bourbons have more glucose, which can make for a more full-bodied coffee.
In Colombia, this variety in recent years has become common among coffee growers and is cultivated between 1,070 and 1,980 meters at sea level to obtain optimal results in flavor, its fruit is small and it ripens early, so it is necessary to cultivate under the shade that allows them to ripen slower and acquire more flavors and aromas.
Bourbons have the potential to produce an incredible cup of coffee as they are a dense and complex chemical composition that requires care during roasting. To do this, roasters must control and change the temperature at the beginning of the roast, to develop the sweet qualities and silky body of this special variety.
When it comes to serving this variety, baristas need to understand that different preparation methods will extract different qualities from this variety. The methods that can help bring out the best qualities of Borbon are Chemex and French Press. The Chemex will create a clean cup that retains the sweetness and complexity of the Bourbon, while the French press will enhance its silky, creamy body.

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