From pink flowers to pink Borbon coffees!

From pink flowers to pink Borbon coffees! - Forest Coffee
The project of developing this amazing profile started approximately in 2014 in Huila, Colombia when we met Cesar, a professor from a governmental institute, who was teaching communities and farms about some techniques of flower crops and all his knowledge of microbiology and floristics. With these studies, he also learned amazing agricultural methods and microbiology concepts.
Cesar was living in Pitalito, Huila, one of the regions with the highest volume of coffee in Colombia, and that’s when he decided to start working in the coffee industry, but with a different approach. He started improving the coffee from the processing part which normally very few coffee developers had done until that time.
In the beginning, he started with 2 small coffee farmers who lived next to one of the students where he used to teach. In the coffee process, he began by adding a few hours of fermentation and applying better picking techniques, and after 2 years, Cesar ended working day and night with over 8 coffee farmers, to improve the quality of the crops, which in the long term would bring economic sustainability for them.
Back in 2018, we met Cesar at a Coffee expo. We ended up having a really good connection, because of the interest we shared and the goals we wanted to achieve: bringing back what the coffee farmers should always have, a better income of the coffee they produced!
That’s when we decided to create our Pink Borbon Creation. A profile harvested at 1.800 masl, with a very interesting profile cup: notes of tropical fruits, grapefruit, orange, and a lingering aromatic residual. One of our most amazing washed coffees. This variety highlights all the characteristics that we look for in a pink Borbon, like a medium acidity - citric, silky body, but with the advantage of having it overseen by Cesar.
Nowadays, he runs the project with over 14 Colombian farmers and we hope that this project just keeps growing, working hand by hand with him, and all the amazing farmers who believed in him and are now believing in us.

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