Kimchi, the fermentation technique transferred to coffee.

Kimchi, the fermentation technique transferred to coffee. - Forest Coffee
With respect to fermentation and its different techniques, it is important to highlight that in some places such as Colombia, a great variety of experiments with fermented coffees are already beginning to be carried out.
Taking into account that the most common in the fermentation of coffee is what is known as spontaneous fermentation, which is about leaving the coffee cherry in contact with the external organisms of the fermentation, without interfering in the process, thus obtaining gains in the creation of new flavors as well as added values. In addition to this, it is possible to obtain differentiated and specialty coffees.
Usually, coffee has been processed through three methods: washed, natural, and honey processing, but in spite of the fact that in recent years we have witnessed the appearance of some non-conventional and alternative processing techniques, the application of the Kimchi technique is in a certain way quite simple, and is considered above all a return of the amphorae, or clay vessels of cylindrical form, as used by the Greeks and Romans, or in our case by the indigenous people.
Clay mixed with water, molded by a potter, and fired in a kiln is the most natural thing that exists; then the coffee is introduced, without any washing process, and is sealed or covered to prevent the entry and contact of air. Finally, it is left underground for a period of two weeks.
In concrete terms, we already know that the fermentations that occur in coffee are spontaneous, that is to say, that when coffee enters the fermentation process a great habitat is created in which a cycle occurs and takes place in which microorganisms are found that feed and reproduce, etc., and in this way generate what we have already mentioned; obtaining profits in the creation of new flavors, added value, and achieving differentiated and specialty coffees.

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