Nariño: Discover the journey of this amazing region in Colombia

Nariño green coffee explorers
Nariño: Discover the Journey of This Amazing Region in Colombia

Colombia is our home. As coffee producers, we understand the effort behind producing coffee. But we also know how important it is to tell the stories of the people and the families' traditions. We decided to give a direct glimpse into what it means to produce coffee in Colombia and why it’s one of the most amazing places ever to find the best coffee.

This time, we decided to build a group of explorers from our Forest Team to go across Colombia to find the best secrets behind the mountains and, of course, to find our next coffee gem from a new producer to join our community. On this occasion, we thought that there is no better option than Nariño because it's iconic, beautiful, and also, if you want to try coffee from Nariño, you need to do it during this time of the year; otherwise, it’s not possible since they only have one harvest a year.

Nariño, located in the southwestern part of Colombia between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, boasts diverse microclimates, volcanic soil, and high altitudes, all of which contribute to the unique flavor profiles of its coffee. This region accounts for 40% of its total agricultural production, making coffee the primary product that boosts its economy. The region is not just about coffee; it is also home to resilient and passionate people whose dedication to coffee cultivation is evident in every cup, which is the main reason we instantly fell in love with this region.

The people of Nariño are at the heart of its coffee production. Many families here have been growing coffee for generations, with most being in the 3rd to 4th generation, passing down traditional methods and knowledge. These coffee growers are deeply connected to their land and take immense pride in their work. As we asked many of them, their highest treasure is their land, which has been one of the key components to preserving their customs, terroir, and Nariño's identity today. This dedication directly reflects the quality and sustainability of Nariño coffee, which is recognized on the global stage.

Nariño's landscapes are as diverse as its microclimates. From the airport where we landed in Chachagui (a fun fact: this is the most difficult airport in Colombia to land in due to its ending road on a mountain cliff and strong winds because of the altitude) to the different towns through the mountains of Nariño, the region offers a breathtaking backdrop for coffee cultivation wherever you look. The volcanic soil, enriched by minerals from the nearby Galeras Volcano, provides essential nutrients that enhance the coffee plants' growth. The high altitudes, ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 meters above sea level, result in slower coffee bean maturation, allowing the beans to develop more complex and nuanced flavors. This combination of unique terroir and meticulous farming practices gives Nariño coffee its distinctive taste, characterized by bright acidity, floral notes, and a sweet, lingering finish.

The special terroir of Nariño not only impacts the coffee's flavor but also highlights the importance of coffee variety. Different coffee varieties thrive in Nariño's unique conditions, each bringing its own characteristics to the final cup. The Caturra variety, for instance, is one of the most common in Nariño. Known for its vibrant acidity and fruity notes, Caturra coffee is a testament to the region's exceptional growing conditions. The interplay between terroir and variety is crucial in creating the diverse and rich flavor profiles that coffee enthusiasts around the world cherish.

In the current market, Nariño coffee stands out not only for its quality but also for its story. Consumers today are increasingly interested in the origins of their coffee and the people who produce it. As we continue to explore and share the wonders of Nariño, we invite you to join us on this journey, which will take you from the center of Nariño to the highest mountains of Tablón de Gómez and down to small towns like Buesaco. Experience the magic of Nariño coffee and discover why this region is so special. With its single annual harvest, now is the perfect time to savor the unique flavors of Nariño and support the dedicated farmers who make it all possible.

Nariño offers a compelling narrative of tradition, innovation, and excellence, making it the perfect partner to keep growing the Forest Community!

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